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Clients (a partial list)

2010 Software (MS-DOS software)

Abcor (ultrafilters)

ABT (software)

Academy Leadership (training)

Advance Floor Technology (floor treatments)

Advantage Presort Service (first-class mail presort service)

Agfa (imaging systems)

Agilent (test and measurement equipment)

Alfa Laval (heat exchanges)

AlliedSignal (aerospace)

Alloy Technology (metal alloys)

Altiris (software)

AMAX (chemicals)

American Chemical Society (association)

American Techmart Services (software and hardware)

Applied Theory (Internet access)

Aquaglobal (reverse osmosis)

Art & Logic (software developers)

Ascom/Timeplex (telecommunications)

Aspex Incorporated (supercomputers and software)

Associated Air Freight (transportation and logistics)

AT&T (telecommunications)

Atech (fonts)

Ausimont (chemicals)

Avblend (airplane engine additive)

Berkeley Electronics (electronic components)

Bill Bishop & Associates (audio-cassette programs)

BOC Gases (industrial gases)

Bridgeline (Web sites, intranets, extranets)

Brooklyn Union Gas (cooling and heating systems)

Bulova (watches)

Business Envelope Manufacturers (office supplies)

Business Objects (business intelligence)

C&C Print Shop (commercial printing)

Cartesia Software (software)

Caskey Achievement Strategies (sales training)

CCI/Connections (DP consultants)

Chubb Institute (IT training)

Citrix Systems (remote access software)

Clean Venture (hazardous waste)

Commerce Payment Systems (merchant accounts)

Commvault (software)

Computron (software)

Conference Board (organization membership, publications, conferences)

Convergent Solutions (software)

Coopersmith List Consultants (list brokers)

Crosswinds (software)

Database Direct (database management)

DataFocus (software)

DeLuca Cleaning (Commercial Cleaning Service)

DeskNet (software)

Digital Health (sales training)

Digital Linguistix Corporation (software)

Dow Chemical (chemicals)

East Hampton Industries (software)

Edith Roman Associates (mailing lists)

Engelhard (catalysts)

Engineered Software (fluid flow software)

Enterprise Technology Solutions (SAP Consulting)

Epner Technology Inc. (high-tech platers)

Epstein Practice Brokers (business brokers)

Exaktime (time clocks)

ExecuNet (online executive job network)

Expertune (process control optimization software)

Fala Direct Marketing (lettershop)

Filterite (cartridge filters)

FIND/ SVP (research services)

GE Solid State (semiconductors)

Goodman Communications (bleeper and answering services)

Graver Chemical (chemicals, chemical equipment)

Gretag Macbeth (color management)

Grumman Corporation (aerospace)

Haht Software (software)

HB Pascal & Co. (real estate software)

Henderson Industries (engineering)

High Technology Associates, Inc. (database marketing)

Hold Brothers (day trading software)

Hyperion Software (software)

IBM (software, hardware, training)

Information Builders (software)

Ingersoll-Rand (compressors)

Interactive System (production support software)

Interpersonal Skills Group (IT training)

Intrasoft (software)

Intuit (tax software)

Isogon (asset management software)

ITG (IT Training)

ITT Engineered Valves (valves)

ITT Fluid Technology (process equipment)

JGB Systems (computer systems)

JMW Consultants Inc. (management consultants)

Ken Weissman Inc. (computer graphics)

Kepner Tregoe (seminars)

KeySystems (vocational disability analysis)

Keyvision (software)

King Lee (Custom CD's)

Knysak Process Equipment Company (process equipment)

Koch Engineering (process equipment pollution control)

Laser Grafix (laser printer sales and service)

Lecroy (oscilloscopes)

Leica Geosystems (survey equipment)

Letraset (desktop publishing software)

Loveland Controls (calibrators test system)

Lucent Technologies (wireless)

M&T Chemicals (specialty chemicals)

Machine Technologies (boring systems)

MacSciTech (Mac users society)

Major Printing (commercial printers)

Manhattan Multi Media (audio-visual producers)

Manhole Barrier Systems (security)

Marathon Data (software)

Marketing & Business Strategy (consultants)

Medrecon (surgical tables)

Meeco Inc. (mosture analyzers)

Micro Logic Corp. (software)

Microsoft (software)

Midlantic National Bank (retail banking)

Millar Elevator Industries, Inc. (elevator controls)

Misys Healthcare Systems (software)

Mortice Kern Systems (software)

Moving Targets (new resident promotions)

Myron Manufacturing (premiums)

Nalpeiron (software copy protection)

Netuitive (Software)

Nortel Networks (fiberoptic networks)

Object International (OOA training consulting, software)

Odesta (Macintosh software)

On-Line Software International (software)

Passlogix (single sign-on solutions)

PC Publishing (software)

Peak Communication Performance (training)

Performance Minds (industrial psychologists)

Pharmacy OneSource (hospital pharmacy software)

Philadelphia National Bank (commercial banking)

Philon (compilers)

Planner Pads (daily planners)

Plato Software (PC software)

Praxair (industrial gases)

Productivity Software (software)

PSE&G (utility)

R Tape (tapes, films)

RCA (semiconductors)

Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau (collection agency)

Ricoh Corporation (facsimile machines)

Roman Managed Lists (mailing list management)

SafeApp Software (software)

SCI (mainframe software for CICS and MVS)

Software Corporation of America (software)

Sony Corporation of America (video and imaging systems)

Soundcoat (noise control)

SPS Technologies (computerized joint-control systems)

SRW Technology (welding systems)

Stellar Software (enterprise integration)

Studebaker-Worthington Leasing (computer leasing)

Sumitomo (industrial equipment)

Sun Rocket (VoIP)

SurfControl (software)

Survival Ware (cash flow software)

Symantec (PC software)

Syncsort (VAX software)

The BOC Group (industrial gases)

Third Brigade (intrusion defense software)

Timeplex (data communication equipment)

U.S. Monitor (mail monitoring service)

U.S. Robotics (modems)

U.S. West (telecommunications)

Unilux (strobe lighting)

Unique Truck (fleet maintenance equipment)

Unitel (phone systems reseller)

ValueWeb (hosting)

Wallace & Tiernan (process equipment)

Westinghouse (defense systems)

Wolfram Research (software)

York Saw and Knife (industrial knives)

Yourdon (software)

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