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Now Sell More of Your Industrial Products and Services to Engineers and Technical Managers

My name is Bob Bly. I’m an engineer and a copywriter, and for 36 years I’ve specialized in writing copy that sells technical and industrial products and services to engineers and managers. Now I’ve created this new site to help you do the same!

I’ll pack this online resource with as many articles, books, and blog posts as I can to help improve your marketing of industrial and technical products to every buying influence you deal with – from design and process engineers, to scientists and programmers, to C-level prospects and purchasing agents.

Selling CAD software, heat exchangers, or programmable logic controllers to engineers is as different from selling soap or corn flakes to consumers as night is from day. This site is for industrial marketers who make technical sales to business-to-business audiences.

And of course, if you need me to help you think through your marketing strategy or write copy that increases your click-through rates, conversions, leads, and sales, just click here now. Or call me at 973-263-0562 today. No obligation, of course.

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